The distribution policy (also distribution mix or place within the marketing mix, from Latin distributio “distribution”), within marketing, shapes all decisions and sales activities on the way of a product or service from the supplier to the customer or user. In doing so, a distinction is made between logistical (transport and warehousing) and acquisition sales, which involves designing the sales strategy and the sales process.

The FORNY.co is therefore concerned with the question of how and in what ways the products reach the buyers from the manufacturers. Four main areas are to be distinguished:

  • Physical distribution (distribution logistics)
  • Acquisition distribution (design of the sales process including choice of distribution channels and the acquisition method)
  • Selection and qualification of the sales staff (sales competence)
  • Numerical and weighted distribution (degree of distribution)

The market in which the company wants to distribute its services has to be handled differently depending on the company objective, sales strategy and the status of the product life cycle of a service.

The distribution policy corresponds strategically with the neighboring areas within the marketing and creates operational targets for the practical sale.

The sales strategy includes the long-term, planned design of the sales function as part of the marketing plan.

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