The product, which also means services, is a central point of all considerations of FORNY.co when it comes to marketing.

Specifically, these include:

  • Branding
  • Program and Assortment Policy
    • Product Innovation
    • Product Variation and Improvement
    • Product Modification
    • Product Differentiation
    • Product Diversification
    • Product Elimination
  • Packaging¬†Policy
  • Service Policy
  • Performance Policy

In addition to the need for product innovation and variation, the responsibility of the product policy lies in the strategic assessment of the investments and the consequences on the market as well as in the active change of demand preferences via market communication. Here, collaboration with all areas of marketing and customers is important as pricing, distribution and advertising must be planned hand in hand with product policy.

In the brand policy e.g. recognition, brand loyalty, differentiation against competitors, brand protection and more is in focus. The brand strategy includes reach, positioning and architecture. Last distinguishes e.g. single or umbrella brand. The brand image should be strictly aligned with the marketing mix so that the strategy can be perceived as consistent

If you are interested in learning more about product, brand and marketing, then please contact us - we would like to have an informal conversation with you.