FORNY.co defines promotion (communication) in marketing as the link between entrepreneurial initiative and salesmanship in the market. It is thus at the center of product and place policy.

Communication policy means all measures of planned, conscious design and personal or impersonal communication of information for the purpose of influencing the knowledge, attitudes, expectations and behaviors of the target groups of the company, which ultimately influences the behavior towards the recipient (transmitter-receiver model).

The communication policy is attributed a special position in the marketing mix. Since all elements of marketing can have communicative effects, market communication is seen as a link between all the instruments of the marketing mix (for example, a "good price" also communicates a benefit).

Communication tools are used in the ten-level model of communication policy. The instruments in the marketing mix include:

Above the line: Classic Advertising

Below the line: Public relations, sponsoring, event marketing, trade fairs / exhibitions, product placement, sales promotion, direct marketing, multimedia

Out of house: Classic promotion

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